NettingExpert Round Bale Feeder for Horses

Fit to Hay Bale Size

NettingExpert round bale hay is perfect for round bale up to 6*6*6ft, 5*5*5ft or square bale up to 4*4*8ft, 3*4*8ft and 3*3*8ft.

Good for Horse's Digestion

With 1.5″ mesh, NettingExpert bale hay net helps slow down horses’ hay intake speed, which is a imitation of natural grazing and benificial for horse’s digestion. The knotless texture of the hay net is soft on horses’ mouth and decrease the wears and abrasion on their teeth.

NettingExpert Round Bale Hay Net
NettingExpert Round Bale Feeder for Horses

Save Cost, Waste & Time

Instead of getting the hay scattered all over the ground and stomped into the mud and ruined, NettingExpert hay net will help the bale gathering together and staying neat and clean. Saves tremendously on money, waste, and mess.

Durable Material

This bale hay net is made of high quality PE material, UV resistant and will not shrink with water. With a load bearing of 2200 lbs, horse hay bag is very strong and will serve for a long time.

NettingSquare Round Bales Net

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