NettingExpert Square Hay Bale Feeder

Keep Hay Fresh

The hay net is 50inches/64inches long, can hold 2 String Square or 3 String Hay Bale, which makes hay last 2-3 times longer.

Superior Construction

Purely handwoven bale hay net with 8 threads, seamless construction for enhanced performance and longevity.

NettingExpert Hand Woven 3 String Hay Net
NettingExpert Square Bale Hay Net

Save Cost

With 1.6″ mesh, this hay net helps slow down horses’ hay intake speed, which is a imitation of natural grazing and get rid of waste.

Improve Digestion

NettingExpert horse hay net slow feeder prevents horse Colic, Ulcers and feeding anxiety.

NettingExpert Slow Feed Net Hay Holder for Horses

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